Nordic Industries has been performing the following types of projects as a Prime contractor for over 30 years: earthmoving, flood protection, levee improvement, slurry cut-off walls, environmental mitigation, rock crushing, land grading, and other specialty projects

It takes a unique company to meet our customers’ varied and specific needs. That’s what we have created at Nordic Industries, Inc. over the past years, assembling a crew of experienced professionals who operate the contents of a very heavy tool box.

Nordic Industries is unique in that while our company serves a variety of industries, the blend of staff and equipment is customized to meet the challenges peculiar to each job. Our superior technology and unmatched service commitment have earned us the continued trust, and business, of federal agencies and private companies throughout the past decades.


We understand the industries we serve. From mining to construction, we are committed to meeting detailed engineering standards in even the toughest applications. We understand the effect our work has on the profitability of our customer’s business, and we are proud of the impact we have made.

Our success formula starts with choosing only qualified, experienced personnel who pride themselves on quality workmanship and are familiar with all of the applicable industry, federal and local regulations. We then choose from our extensive inventory of trucks and equipment; the best setup with which to meet our customer’s needs. Throughout the West, we have used this strategy on roads, reservoirs, construction and mining operations, It is still an adventure, because each job brings with it new challenge, and we are driven to use all of our experience and resources to develop a superior work plan. The formula works.

We have found that every job is really a custom job, while there are many similarities from one operation to the next; each project has a unique combination of materials, conditions, and regulations that can only be successfully managed by experts. It takes a unique company to bring together the experts, the necessary equipment, and the proven commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Nordic Industries has grown into a unique company. We’re proud of that.