Current Projects

  • Partial Closure of Waste Management 2, Yolo County Central Landfill, Yolo County, CA
  • Meadow Lane Effluent Storage Facilities Ponds “C” and “D” Repair, City of Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, CA
  • American River Common Features, Site R6, United States Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District, Sacramento, CA
  • Union House Creek Improvements, County of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA

Past Projects

The following is a list of many of the projects we have performed in the past 10+ years. If you desire additional information on those projects, or wish to obtain references from some of our past customers please contact the Construction Department at Nordic Industries Inc. at (530) 742-7124. 

Garden Highway Repair Project Slurry Wall Sacramento, CA $504,125
Rio Del Oro Units 1, 2, & 3 Site Grading & Drainage Plumas Lake, CA $17,229,185
Metro Air Park Site Grading & Drainage Sacramento, CA $12,867,528
Plumas Lake Offsite Drainage Channel Grading & Drainage Yuba County, CA $2,677,796
Ella Detention Basin Grading Yuba County, CA $980,000
Bear River Setback Levee,
Contract #PH3-2005/06-02
Levee Improvements Yuba County, CA $11,656,743
Phase 1V-Yuba River Levee Repair,
Contract #PH4-2006/07/04
Slurry Wall
Linda, CA $12,984,471
IDIQ Emergency Levee Repair,
Contract #W91238-04-D-0002
Emergency Flood Control & River Bank Protection Northern California $2,843,146
Phase II Levee Repair Project,
Contract #PH4-2007-08-01
Levee Improvements Yuba County, CA $33,960,785
Sacramento River - RM56.8R & 69.9R, Contract #C51329 River Bank Repair & Protection Sacramento County, CA $8,694,800
Sacramento River - RM 130.8 thru 164.0, Contract #51330 River Bank Repair & Protection Colusa County, CA $39,496,334
South Sacramento Streams 1.B.1,
Contract W91238-06-C-0020
Flood Control Project Sacramento, CA $18,335,780
South Sacramento Streams 1.B.2,
Contract W91238-07-C-0024
Flood Control Project Sacramento, CA $14,084,067
Phase 4 Feather River Levee Repair Project, Contract #PH4-2007/08-01 Levee Improvements & SB/SCB Slurry Walls Yuba County, CA $17,385,635
Coyote Dam Upstream Face Riprap Replacement Project Riprap Face of Dam Mendocino County, CA $3,350,000
A.V. Watkins Dam Modification - Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall, Contract No. 08-CC-40-8244 Soil-Cement Slurry Wall (1,500,000 sf) Weber County, Utah $17,447,305
Bear River North Levee Rehabilitation Project Levee Improvements & Soil Bentonite Slurry Walls Yuba County, CA $11,263,434
Lower Feather River Setback Levee at Star Bend Const. Setback Levee & Remove Existing Levee Sutter County, CA $6,484,027
Sacramento River Bank Protection Project, Contract 2 River Bank Repair & Protection Sutter County, CA $6,218,698
RD 784 Regional Detention Pond Connection Project Install 24" thru 42" HDPE Storm Sewer Yuba County, CA $489,030
Sacramento Levee Improvement Program, Contract 4046, Sacramento River East Levee Phase 2B (Reaches 5A thru 9B) Enlarge Levee, Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Walls, DSM Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Walls, Irrigation Supply Pipelines Sacramento County, CA $35,000,000 +