Current Projects

  • Oroville Wildlife Flood Stage Reduction Project Area D, Oroville, CA
  • American Rivers Common Feature H, Sacramento, CA
  • American River Common Feature I, Sacramento, CA
  • Hwy 70 & 65 Pump Station, Marysville, CA
  • North Area Streams Levee Improvement, Sacramento, CA

Past Projects

The following is a list of many of the projects we have performed in the past 10+ years. If you desire additional information on those projects, or wish to obtain references from some of our past customers please contact the Construction Department at Nordic Industries Inc. at (530) 742-7124. 

PL 84-99 Cache Creek Levee Repair Emergency Levee Repair Yolo County, CA Nomlaki
PL 84-99 Emergency River Levee Repair Riverbank Erosion Repair Yuba City, CA Martin Brothers
Feather River West Levee Reaches 14-16 Levee Strengthening Yuba City, CA Nordic-Great Lakes JV
5th Street Feather River Riverbank Erosion Repair Riverbank Erosion Repair Yuba City, CA DWR
Feather River Scour Repair Riverbank Erosion Repair Yuba County, CA Caltrans
Mather Dam Improvement Earth and Dam Improvements Sacramento County Of  Sacramento
Oroville Dam Emergency Repairs Damaged Spillway Emergency Response Oroville, CA Syblon Reid
Laurel Avenue Emergency Levee Repair Levee Strengthening Yuba County,CA Nordic-Great Lake JV

Hamilton City Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystems Restoration Project

New Setback Levee Hamilton City, CA Newland Entities, Inc.
WPIC West Levee Improvement Project Levee Strengthening Olivehurst, CA TRLIA
Highway 1 Rock Slope Protection Highway Embankment Stone Protection Malibu, CA Caltrans
South Sacramento Streams-Florin Creek Flood Control Project Sacramento, CA PRS Newland JV
Feather River West Levee Area BD Levee Strengthening Sutter & Butte County, CA Nordic Magnus, JV
Napa River Dry Bypass Project New Flood Control Channel Napa, CA US Army Corp Eng
Gray Lodge Water Supply Project Phase 1A & C Water Canal Improvements Biggs, CA Biggs Water District
Feather River West Levee Area C Levee Strengthening Sutter & Yuba County Nordic Magnus JV
Twin Gulches Highway 299 Improvement Highway Realignment Redding, CA Caltrans
TRLIA Landside Levee Improvement Levee Strengthening Marysville, CA TRLIA
Meadow Lane Effluent Pond D Repair Cutoff Wall Santa Rosa, CA City of Santa Rosa
2011 Erosion Repair Sites, Sac Bank River Bank Erosion Repair

Sacramento County, CA

Newland Entities, Inc.
Erosion Repair-Dan Joaquin River Mile 71.5 River Bank Erosion Repair Manteca, CA DWR